About me

I love to see us grow as a team and company 

For me working with CRO means to work in the heart of the company. You need to understand almost all aspects of the customer journey which touches most departments. From the analytics department, to users research, to marketing, to CRM, to product development, to cross functional teams, to reporting etc. The complexity is high. But this is also what makes it fun. 

One of the most satisfying aspect is to see how the team and the company grows in knowledge and in metrics. Extrapolating the knowledge from the CRO work and creating the know how guide book is not just a great feeling but also a necessity to be able to grow. 

I have worked in many different environments and constellations so there is no best practice how to do CRO. It all depends on the structure and digital maturity of the business, the line of business, top management buy in etc. 

I started this site as blog but have moved the writing to LinkedIn. You can find old posts here and some useful resources. If you want to reach out please do not hesitate.


Theodor Mavrodis

A few things I enjoy

CRO work demands many different skill sets. These are the ones I enjoy most.

drive revenue

During my whole CRO career I have always worked on maximizing revenue streams. The feeling of conducting an AB-test which excels the conversion rate by a two digit margin is just amazing. 

connecting the dots

When you work with CRO you need to be able to process a lot of data and connect the dots. Discovering patterns and being able to act upon them is not only fun but very fulfilling.

Spread the knowledge

One of the most satisfying part of the CRO work is to spread the knowledge. Communicate the learnings is not an easy task since it needs to be done on various levels in the organisation.


I love to inspire my team and everyone around me so we can reach the next level. I am always open for a discussion and encourage people to think outside the box.

Quick facts

I have used many different tools such as Optimizely, WVO, Google Analytics, Adobe, Hotjar, Tag Manager, Qlickview and many others.

Fluently in Swedish, English, Greek

Master in Business Administration

Born in Stockholm Sweden

Companies I have worked for

Some of the more well known…