I have been working as an analyst ever since i finished university. I just love working with numbers and applying them into solutions. By 2008 i started my carrer as a Web Analyst for the fairly well known price comparison engine, PriceRunner. According to my former boss it was the first official job-seeking-ad in the Swedish newspapers with that particular working title. PriceRunner was a perfect match and I knew right from the start that my Internet passion was only going to grow.

After Pricerunner I moved on to work as a Conversion Officer and Web Analyst at Web Guide Partner. A company with many different websites especially within the gambling segment. The company was very aggressive in SEO and conversion optimization and I learned the secrets of creating high converting websites. As a team of four we made hundreds of split tests, deep diving analys, customer research, KPI documents and everything else you think a conversion officer does.

Nowdays I work for Postkodlotteriet helping us become one of the sharpest online teams in Sweden. A challenging but fun task.

I started this blog because I want to contribute to the web analytics community and the e-business community in general. The posts I will publish will hopefully be right to the point without aimless mambo jumbo stuff. I truly believe that my role is to create a better Internet by building sites that users enjoy. Focusing on quality builds loyalty that leads to nice revenue results.

Please feel free to drop me a line if you want to chat. I love to speak to like minded.


People ask me if I do conferences and yes I do but not for free.

For contact see Linked In.


Theodor Mavrodis

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