If you work as an analyst you already know what are the key aspects of your job is. If you are recruiting one it might be harder to know what you should look for. These three aspects are critical according to my opinion.

Observe the right things

Many analysts learn the trait of observation but observing the right thing is harder than observing anything. In a world of big data where data is everywhere one needs to understand to observe the right things. The right things will make a difference. The other stuff is not that important so don’t waste your time. As a recruiter ask you potential employee how they do to filter through the clutter. As an analyst you need to truly understand the business model and customer journey.

Connect the dots

As a good analyst you will pass through lots of data and might find significant results in isolated issues but you need to connect the dots. Explaining the holistic view and how the figures can help the business is one of the hardest but most valuable traits an analyst can posses.

Create the solution

Based on the analysis you should recommend solutions that will have an effect. Many analysts observe, analyse but stop short of recommending solutions. If you understand the business model, what drives value to customers you can more easily make recommendations that will have a bottom line effect.

So if you are in the lookout to recruit an analyst ask them questions on the above three traits. Make them elaborate, deep dive and let their answers guide your decision.



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