New buzzwords get invented every year within the consulting business. I see two reasons for that. Consulting companies need to sell more so they invent new words. And the other reason is that people need to feel important. They want to throw fancy words around since it boosts their ego. I cannot count how many times I have been to conferences where the speaker thinks he is the shit. He throws these big words, big data, agile, customer experience etc. and all of these things are simple things that have been around for ages.

Buzz words are not new, they are new name of old things

Take for example digitalization. What does that mean? Digitalization and is actually the same thing as customer centricity. Customer centricity in 2017 means that as a company you need to deliver what the customer wants on the platforms the customer uses, hence mobile and computers.

Another word that is thrown around a lot is agile organisations. Agile organisations have always been in demand – those organisations that can react fast enough to customer demand. The main difference between todays market and say 30 years ago is that digital platforms offer new ways to do things. Today content is king and just in time is more important than ever. Your content builds relevancy, which in turn grows your business.

So everyone stop obsessing about fashion words. Do not throw them around like pennies. Most people have heard them but don’t understand the true meaning of them. Instead talk in simple terms such as what do customers want, how can we produce quickly, how do we generate value etc.



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