Working in a highly recognized brand once reputation is extremely important from many aspects. A positive brand helps drive sales. A negative hinders your sales.

It strikes me how similar this is in todays elections in the USA. People say that they do not like any of the candidates since their reputation is bad. Even though they feel that they have no choice. A bit like companies in various segments of the market especially markets with oligopoly (like banks, oil companies, etc).

In our case we partly sell due to the lack of alternative. The lack of competition. The question is how long will this hold. As soon as something better comes along you are done. The same thing is in politics. When something or someone comes along that is perceived as better as a political party you will not be able to react. Reaction has to start when you are the fatest cat around not when you already start loosing weight.

So the learning for any company out there is to get your innovation engine going. It can never stop especially in todays fast environment. Setup your organization accordingly. Get specialist, work with the culture but everything begins with asking the right questions.



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