So, would you say that you work in a digital company? I have now had experience with purely digital companies and non digital companies. With purely digital I mean companies that their entire business model is born in the digital world, like Spotify or Zalando.

There is a big difference working for purely digital companies and companies that try to get into the digital space. As we devolp our digital presence I have found three key difference between the two business models.

  1. Digital businesses are rigged to be digital. Nondigtal have to transform themselves which is a major task. To transform your business is probably one of the hardest parts. Ask Nokia or Kodak. Both giants in their fields with extremely bright people in the organisation but both of them did not manage to transform themselves into the digtial space. To throw money on consultants and technology is not enough which brings me to my next point.
  2. Digital businesses have digital leadership. The leadership have vast knowledge in the power of the technology and the pitfalls. Non digital companies struggle to understand how to take full advantage of technology. The digital landscape is constantly change and the pace is picking up. This means you need to invest heavily in technology and people.
  3. Fast and smart. The bigger the company the more complex everything is and this slows you down. But in the same time if you put your main platform in place you can rigg yourself to be a leader in the market instead of follower. You have to be smart enough to see the major trends consumer adopt. Facebook, Google and Apple are extremly good at this although they are hugh companies with hugh organisations. Non digital organistations have a much slower development cycle since their business has been ”slow”.

Of course digital businesses come and go, so being in the forefront is not a guarantee to survive. A lot also depends on timing but one thing is for sure. The digitalisation of our society touches all businesses, even lotteries.



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