The mobile is a big thing. Let me rephrase it. It is a huge thing. On our swedish Postcodelottery site the traffic from mobile phones and tablets have reached the 50% mark.

This upward trend is a challenge for all of us that work with digital channels since it affects everything from how your design process is to how the technology should be implemented. We are far from cracking the mobile landscape but we are working on it. Currently we are focusing a lot of making things mobile optimized. Our landing page, our sales funnel, our navigation and so on.

Approximately a years ago we launched our responsive site which was a step in the right direction but in all honesty it was done a bit hasty. Now that w have reached the 50% mark a more comprehensive approach needs to be taken. We need to fix stuff so it runs smoothly on mobile devices. A few months ago we did our first mobile only AB test. We tested a mobile friendly landing page vs a non mobile friendly. Unfortunately the test result was inconclusive which is interesting in itself although I cannot draw to many conclusions from just one test.

The second big mobile optimized test was our sales funnel. While changing the plattform we took the oppurtunity to make it more mobile friendly. AB testing a sales funnel is always a sensitive business, but it was done with great care. Unfortunately the results were still inconclusive. In other words the old non mobile friendly sales flow was as good as the mobile friendly. Strange but it can probably be exlained by the super attractie offer we had – no matter how hard you make it for the users they want the offer so they will push through your sales funnel.

So my take on mobile is still shaping. I can see that the trend is more and mobile and the more companies offer a mobile friendly experience the higher the customer expectation will be. To sum it up my key learnings from mobile so far are:

  • Depending on how you do your marketing will determine your mobile traffic volume. The more emails you send out the more mobile traffic.
  • Mobile screen real estate is extremely valuable so you need to prioritize hard which makes it a struggle especially if you have multiple products/services.
  • AB testing for mobile is more complicated than for computers and you need to consider several key factors such as different screen sizes, operating sytems etc.
  • Going forward responsive sites it the future but my limited AB test have so far not given me numbers to support that decission.
  • The big success with mobile optimization will probably come when we develop our mobile offerings further, so the value to the users are more clear.

What are your thoughts?



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