The online world keeps evolving every year. Lately I see more and more job ads about a title called Customer Experience Manager. The title implies that you should be responsible for how your customers experience you and your brand. I think it is a good way of thinking but the job could be huge.

First of all, what do we mean customer experience? Is it the looks of your advertising? Is the looks and feels of your website? Does it also contain loading times? What about your apps, should you be responsible for them too? Are you responsible for knowing exactly how you do the marketing? What if you are a global company with many different departments? As you can see the complexity is huge if you consider that this person should be responsible for everything.

Of course you can set it up accordingly but as I wrote in my other article about the complexity of online managers, the challenge for an online manager today is much more complex than it was just 3 years ago. And everything is connected. So no wonder that a lot of people are stressed.

I cannot stop wondering what will be the next big title within online business. Personalisation manager? Authentic experience manager? You-know-everything mananger?

Any guesses?



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