Question 5: What is the most important thing you try to achieve as a conversion specialist and web analyst?

important learnings in web analyticsWorking as a conversion specialist and web analyst has many challenges. You need to have skills in multiple areas to be successful. Everything from technical understanding, to analytical, to be able to present data in an easy manner, to leads projects and changes, to educate people and many more issues.

The main denominators though are 1) increase revenue, 2) save cost and 3) improve customer loyalty/satisfaction. These are the high level numbers I work towards. Almost everything I do points towards these goals. These numbers are universally important although depending on how your company is setup you will work either with one, two or all three of them.

This question is part of a five question series that are the most common issues people ask me.

Question 4: What is they key learning from working on Sweden’s largest lottery?

Keys-To-Web-Analytics-SuccessWell, this is a hard one to answer. There are many learning’s to take away. First of all we are a lottery that is the largest one in Sweden. We have grown from 0 to 1 million customers within six years.

The concept is rather unique. We combine large winnings with charity and TV production. For example we produce one of the biggest television shows in Sweden (Who wants to be a Millionaire). We also give a massive amount to charity and have strong ties with well-known people. All of this makes a very interesting projection of the lottery towards our customers. The brand is as well known as Coca Cola in Sweden. The whole setup affects the way we work and communicate. I can see how this offline projection affects my online numbers. A bad article in a newspaper for example can affect our sales tremendously for a long time. In the same time a good offline campaign can have great effect on our online numbers.

I think one of the more interesting aspects that I have noticed is the tight correlation between the various channels. This demands a different approach than the companies I have worked on previously that were strictly online with weak brands. In sum I would say that companies with strong brands work differently that other companies which as a conversion specialist you need to relate to.

This question is part of a five question series that are the most common issues people ask me.