For almost a year by now I have been working on optimizing our emails and I wanted to share my findings. I have done a lot of a/b testing with the goal of maximising the number of sales. The results have been promising and we estimate hat the sales have gone up by 30-50% since we started.  I wanted to share my secrets on successful email marketing since I think there are a lot of articles out there by consultants but not many of them focus on the truly important things, email conversion.

Remember there are two values you need to optimize when working with emails. The number of sales and the number of visits you generate from your emails.

Here are my top six secrets for high converting emails.

1.     User name in the heading +15%

I noticed an increase in open rate when in the heading you include the name up to 15%.  Always start by name and the subject. The subject has a great importance if people open the email or not. Try to write a valuable heading from the users perspective.

2.     Send before 06:00 +15%

We always send our emails before 06:00 hours since we notice that we get about +15% more sales than sending it after. This probably has to do with peoples habits. People wake up and check their mail. If you miss the morning openings then their email box gets crowded with other messages. Being on top matters.

3.     Optimize for mobile +20%

We worked hard to make the mobile experience count. Since we are constantly going towards a more mobile society, more and more people check their emails on the fly. The smartphone penetration in Sweden has reached a level where this matters. We actually managed to remove the message text beneath the subject line usually starting with “if you cant read this email…”.  This together with the length of the text got us +20% increase in sales from mobiles.

4.     Length of text +110%

There is a sweet spot on how long or short the email should be. Our findings is that when you write a to short email you might get the most traffic to the site but it’s the wrong traffic, they don’t convert. If you write to long emails you loose your reader and hence not maximising your revenue. When you write just the right amount of information you get high converting visitors. This test showed an increase of visits with 110%.

5.     Call to action repeat +20%

Your text link in the email or your call to action button should always repeat your most valuable message in the email. People need to be reminded why they should click on your email. This action generated over 20% of more sales.

6.     Send only Monday to Thursday +25%

For us the most effective time to send our emails was Monday to Thursday. When sending on Fridays or during the weekends we noticed a considerable drop in number of openings up to 25%. This has probably to do with the fact that people have better things to do during the weekends than buy our product.

You have to remember that every company has its own mix of clients so certain actions will work better or worse for you. If you want to share your findings feel free to comment below.



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