I had the opportunity to speak at the eMetrics Summit in Stockholm and it was fun. I was not nervous at all, at least in the beginning, since I knew my story by heart. Although I have done a lot of presentations I have never had a presentation in front of an international audience.

On conferences I always enjoy mostly the sessions on user cases. Therefore I set my aim to present my own case based on my position as a web analyst and conversion specialist. My topic was to show how we moved from being very primitive in our optimization work towards integrating it into the business development. This path could be divided into three phases.

In the first phase we were growing, but we were very primitive when it comes to using web analytics and optimization. We did not possess the knowledge on how to use our tools in the most effective way. The ab testing world was new and we needed to gain some experience first.

The second phase, we were still growing as a business but not as strongly as before. This was the waking up phase. We had some experience with our tools and we had extracted some knowledge of our users. We also started to ask more and more questions about our business.

The third phase the growth had stopped. Management wanted me to come up with a plan to set the website on a straight course. This led to several important steps towards a new thinking and double digit increase of our most important pages and elements hence sending more quality traffic to our partners.

The conclusion of my speech was that only when you integrate web analytics and optimization in the business development process you will get the double digit increase of conversion, revenues or whatever your goal is. Many companies do not understand this and give up to early in their optimization quest. As a web analyst you need to help your business owners understand the business in several dimensions, everything from the vision to the user behavior and recommend actions to capitalize on it. Of course this process is not as easy as it sounds but it gives you ammunition to do the right things for a long time.

I have attached the presentation if you want to have a look. Download e-metrics presentation



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