Ok, this is the story, you just started on a new job and your boss comes to you and says: “John, can you have a look at our website numbers and tell me how we can increase our conversion?” With a drip of sweat on your forehead you accept the challenge and start pondering how you should go ahead. Well don’t worry, here is a quick guide on how you use web analytics to improve your conversion rate and impress your boss.

The main key is to extract user behavior. So focus on what users do on your site. Paint a story to your boss. Do this:


1. Understand which pages or page type’s people enter your site.

This is really critical, notice which pages are your most popular. Pick out the top 10. Is your Index page in there? What other pages? The entry pages will tell you what people are looking for. (On the index page this can be a bit difficult which leads me to the next point…).

2. What do they do next?

Do they bounce? Why? Look at your Google keywords. If you don’t have keywords, for example the index page which are usually brand keywords, try to understand what your users do next.

3. Which elements do people click on?

Install crazy egg or clicktale. These two tools will show you which elements are your most popular.

4. Which is the next page people go to?

What do they click on these pages? List the next pages for your top ten entry pages.

5. Try to come up with actions that can improve these pages.

For example make them less cluttered. Guide the user what he should do next. Be decisive but not forceful.

6. Think conversion and up selling.

Think clarity. Remove any conflicting elements. Work on the value proposition of your top entry pages.


After you gone through these six steps you will have enough on your plate to go to your boss with concrete recommendations on how to improve your conversion and not just mumbo jumbo stats.

Even better though is to drag him into a workshop and present your picture but without telling him what to do, but rather brainstorm it together.

Well that’s it, simple as that. After being promoted, you should move on to the next level, AB testing.




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