June has been busy as previous months. The focus has been on executing the roadmap, building ab tests, and looking forward towards the autumn. Here is a short list of some of the highlights.

  • Testing a heading gave about +30 increases in conversion. Amazing how strong the power of words can be.
  • We evaluated the first effect of the review pages. More page views but not higher conversion which could be due to the fact that many of the pages contain almost no information at all. We have seen though a small increase in the number of user reviews.
  • Prepared two ab tests on our top list pages to go live in August. We are trying to think new and informative, to put the user in the driving seat. The top lists will be as transparent as possible.
  • Adobe/Omniture conference or more correctly called Café. Adobe presented some of their user cases and they said they are working with HP to include predictive analytics in their tool. They were a bit secreetative but notheless and interesting insight of where these web analytics tools are heading.
  • QlikView meeting. Our internal BI guy presented some interesting insights on how to tweak our qlikview implementation. The potential is huge although a lot of work is needed.
  • The new intranet was introduced. This will increase productivity for sure.
  • Meeting with a former colleague which gave some insight on how other companies think on their conversion. It is always interesting to hear on what level other companies are.
  • Created a small roadmap for our Mortgage site on what conversion projects to do.
  • Surprise. Landed a new job at another company! This has had me busy with handover stuff half of the month.
  • Next month is vacation time so no update.



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