This month was a rather short one due to many holidays although we had made some exciting stuff.

  • New review page was launched in the end of the month. We know that people looking at the review page are more valuable, therefore we wanted to make a top notch page. This page is also the heart of the site.
  • An Adobe Omniture conference on web analytics and conversion was held in Stockholm. It was a rather interesting conference with many interesting cases. Skype was there and they had just been aqcuired by Microsoft. It was interesting to see how they had developed their product focusing on 3 segments and a lot of targeting. Basically they used both geotargeting and also looked on the internet host name to determine which marketing message to display.
  • New installation of an AB testing tool to allow us to do quicker. Today we use Omnitures Test & Target which is a great tool, but the problem is that you always need tech guys to setup the tests. Optimizely is a testing tool that has its limitations but for simpler tests it is great since you don’t need any programming skills.
  • Lots of testing with Optimizely. Although my dot test showed strange results I continued doing tests on copy and pictures.
  • Also lots of testing specifications for Test & Target. The more complex tests goes through this tool and needs a lot of specification. Not the most fun job but a good specification is the requirement for a successful test.
  • Some deep diving into the web analytics data for our various sites. Both KPI reports and ad hoch analysis was conducted.
  • And finally some days off, which I used to work on the blog and also do some traveling.



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