It has been a while since I wrote a post like this. I guess the main reason for it is because I have been very very busy. Actually so busy that I had nightmares. I tell you about them some other day. Anyway let me try to conclude the major things that happened since my last post. Of course I will not give away business secrets or internal stuff but all other things good and bad.

  • The Google farmer update beginning of March hit some of our sites badly. There were a bit of panic in the organization due to that.
  • We made my redesign release beginning of March on one of the sites that was hit badly – one week after the Google update. It was probably the smoothest release in the history of the company. No major bugs. Of course I had set up a good quality control before we went live, so we handled most bugs before the live release. One of the major effects of the redesign is that our rankings in Google came back with full force. We actually ranked even better than before. Imagine how happy my boss was!
  • The redesign actually increased our page views with 4% and the review pages became 40% more popular. We know that people looking at a review page are much more valuable.
  • Some key people left the company, creating a bit of a competence loss. This affected my job in terms of not getting my stuff out. Although last week it seems we have made some major progress so I am happy that my programmers are producing.
  • We had a visit from our Florida office. Great to bond with people you only talk on the phone with.
  • Landing pages. I have done a lot of landing pages. The first one we tried was a real hit. The conversion rate went up with +33% which means big bucks. Needless to say there were a lot of smiles.
  • Lots of meetings during the last three weeks. I think meetings are good when you have something to say. Of course like every other organization the meetings do not always turn out to be super productive but I think looking back we needed to have them.
  • I was involved on a market analysis. We talked to owners, analysts, and sales people etc to get a good picture on where the market is heading within a two year period.
  • I am executing the conversion plans I created two months ago. To give you a brief picture on what that means, it is a plan with a lot of actions. The actions are a mix of various things. Almost all things that go on the website needs to be tested first so we don’t ruin the conversion. I must say I still get surprised how small stuff likes a badge or so can affect conversion so much.
  • I have scoped two new tools to try. One of them is a testing tool. I am now waiting for the implementation. I am a bit excited.
  • A new casino landing page is ready to go live soon. We have had a long discussion with a client on creating a kick ass landing page with a lot of behavioral targeting. Let’s see how it will perform.

That’s it. Of course there is daily stuff that I don’t mention but these are the major things. So what do you think? Are these post interesting to follow or have you fallen asleep? Do not hesitate to let me know.



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