Writing good headings on a landing page that makes people to convert is not that easy as it sounds. Part o the problem is that the people creating the headlines are not experienced enough to understand the power of a good heading. In many online companies the editors are not trained in this thinking.

The best people to write selling headlines could probably be found in the retail industry. Especially the clothing and food industry know how to use psychological triggers to create headings that sell.

Depending on your field of business you shall use various headings but the below three are the highest converting for most industries.


1. Buy One and Get 50% on the Second and Third Item.

A clothing department tried two different messages, the mentioned and this “Buy two items and get the third for free”, which did not work at all as well as the first one. There are variations of this heading but playing on the get a discount psychology triggers people to buy much more than they intended.


2. 30 Day Free Trial.

This heading is great for software industries and is more or less standard. Buying a non physical product makes people very uncertain of what they would get. Therefore playing on the non commitment feelings you can increase conversion by twofold. I have seen conversion increases of up to 150%.


3. Big Sale, Limited Time Only.

This heading is used by many companies that do want to evoke a sense of urgency. It is great to evoke extra sales but you should use it with care, if you always have sale the effect will eventually wear off. This headline is extremely good for new visitors to your site, either from ppc or seo sources.


As you can see the common factor among these three are that they are playing on peoples psychology of getting a good deal and that they should act now. Try them on your own ppc pages and if you want let me know how you did.



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