Famous web analyst

What does it take to be a famous web analyst

To be fair one cannot say that a web analysts are in the spotlight. Your organization might not recognize the true value of your work therefore making you one of many. Although all of us know that being a web analyst is a very broad field. To become a master you need to know a bit of everything. SEO, business models, PPC, tracking, ab testing, user profiles, are just a few of the buzzwords you have to master.

So the question is how do you get noticed? The bottom line is to show value. I have compiled three effective factors that will guarantee bring you the right type of attention and if they don’t you can always take a naked run around of the office on a Monday morning.

1.       Show them the money, get into optimization now. (See also: 10 easy steps for higher conversion.)

a.       Make a simple improvement that will generate more money. Maybe you have heard the story about the 300-million dollar button. The web analytics expert of one of the larger e-commerce stores inserted a button called “buy now without registering” and increased the yearly sales by 300 millions. He received a thank you call from the CEO.

b.      To get around the technical hurdle of testing try to start by get a cheap online tool, like Optimizely or Website Optimizer, later you can move on to a more expensive tool.

2.       Deep dig into analytics data combine it with user studies and build personas, where you tell you’re marketing people how people behave on your site. Assist them in finding great headlines and offers that can boost your conversion. Create full size personas by cardboard and put them in the marketing department or in your office area or even better by the water cooler. Trust me it will stimulate great discussions.

3.       Compile a list of 10 points that will increase your revenues and spread the list to the managers. It will guarantee attract their attention. If you can put a realistic dollar value on each action you will have a winner.

Do not hesitate to let me know how you did.




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  1. Great post. I agree with you that as a web analyst in a big company I dont get the credit i should. The problem might lie in the organisation size but not only, I think that managers do not appreciate the value of analytics in general.

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