This is another post on my hands on life as a web analyst. Week 8 was a busy week. Lots of things happened, good and bad. Although we are getting to exciting times, a lot of work is being released so we will see the effects very soon.

  • The week started with looking at the numbers. Both at the customized dashboards in Omniture and some ad hooch analysis of the effect of a landing page. Unfortunately the data was not enough to draw any conclusions.
  • The dashboards that I have been perfecting for a month or so is proving to be up to the task. I spotted a small trend break and reported this to the stakeholders. Small wins are always good.
  • I had a meeting with the designer discussing wireframes on a few pages. I laid the ground and got some help to finalize them. Unfortunately we are lacking an Interactive Designer so I have to be hands on with wireframes, which is a bit outside my area of expertise – notice the understatement.
  • A colleague of mine wanted some help understanding the behavior of some key pages. We investigated why people did not convert and the answer was very clear. Immediate improvements of the pages had to be made.
  • Meetings with two of our tech groups. Both of the groups have new members so I have to have several meetings with them to set the long term agenda on where we want to take the sites this year. I find it very important especially in the beginning to have everyone aligned towards the same goal. It saves a lot of energy in the long run.
  • Together with the designer we “invented” a new landing page for a financial product. Let us now see how it performs. To be honest the one we have today is very ugly but this website has blown my mind. Everything we throw at it, it rejects more or less. Conversion increase is very hard I have found out.
  • The bad news of the week was the new Google algorithm update. It punished some of our sites, making people almost get into the panic mode.
  • Finally this week we have prepared for the redesign release next week. We have reported bugs and made quality checks all week long. Let’s see how it will be received by the users’



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