I want to share with you one of our successful test we conducted in 2010 on the online casino market. I want to do this because I want to give something to the online gambling community, a community that as I have experienced it prefers to live in the dark and not share that much between each other. I also think that we in the casino market have to start listening to the customers much more and try to build sites that talk to the user needs.

If you are familiar with our company you will know that we have worked extensively with improving the conversion on several gambling sites both within casino and poker. To our disposal we have used almost all research methods that are available such as on site surveys, ab tests, external surveys and focus groups and of course web analytics. This research has culminated to the the creation of three profiles/personas which has been our guiding star to increase the conversion on a casino landing page.

How we started

We know that all traffic goes through one specific page, the landing page as we call it, which made it a logical for us to start at that point. After clearing the technical hurdles to do ab-testing we started by designing the first landing page without having the personas defined yet. Of course this was a failure. The conversion did not increase at all, on the contrary, it decreased. So we had to go back to the drawing table. Test number two did not show either a positive lift so we went back and asked ourselves why? By this time we had defined our three personas.

  1. The first persona  was the bonus junkies, people who are totally focused on the bonus and do not care much about anything else.
  2. The second persona was the game focused player. The one that liked a specific game and wanted to play just that.
  3. The third persona was the more general type that is just looking for a casino to play at.

We took these three personas and applied them to the design.

This is the original design…

…and this was the winning design where you have clickable tabs for each game type…

The picture below you can see how we thought when we applied the various personas to the design. Notice how the general feeling of the design is to convey a professionalism and seriosity something that is important for all profiles but a bit more important for the third persona type.

The result +40%

From the very start the new design outperformed the original by 40% in terms of depositing players. We could see that the tab functions was very popular.

By now you will probably ask yourself, will this work for all online casinos? Well to be honest I think so. My two strongest reasons are that:

  1. We see more or less the same user behavior on all casino sites we have worked with.
  2. Multiple independent surveys point in the same direction when it comes to the casino user profiles.

Various people within the web analytics business have preached about the importance of segmentation so I will not go into that discussion, but this test shows exactly how important segmentation is. Finding your segments is like unlocking the potential of your website. For you who have seen the movie Matrix it is like the character who plays the keyholder.

When does it not work?

I think the design itself will work independent where your traffic comes from. Of course the composition of the traffic and the user intention will determine how successful this design will be. Looking around at today´s landing pages I can say that I am not impressed at all. There are a few low hanging fruits there and the biggest of them probably the above segments.



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  1. the persona defined are really good and useful to any landing page optimisations. it’s a foundation because you try to identify the types of user behaviors when they interact or arrive to your page. great job!

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