When working as a web analyst I have discovered that you are more than just a guy measuring your visitors and pulling out the stats. To be really good at your work I think one needs several skills among them understanding what affects your conversion. I constantly try to get involved in all parts of the business, from SEO to PPC to CRM and any other aspect that apply to the business model. I must say this is not an easy task but I think it gives me a lot of pleasure sniffing on other people’s area of expertise. What surprises me every time is that something that looks very simple for the outside might be very complicated when you dig deeper. Anyhow, the other day I was thinking of an easy way to display what affects our conversion and I came up with the following picture (I have removed a few factors but you still get the picture).

I think that displaying your most important factors that affect your conversion in this way makes it easier for everyone in the company to understand how you can improve. The hard part is to identify these factors, hence the argument that you have to know your company´s business model very well.

Each of the factors identified here can have several sub factors. For example, looking at your entry page you have a design factor, how you present your text and what you really say (the value proposition).

Factors Affecting Conversion Extended

So after finishing the drawing I realized two things. The first is that it gives you a very easy tool for communicating with various stake holders. The second thing was that it really showed the complexity of business optimization or in my case the complexity in my own role as a web analyst and conversion specialist. It was actually a bit of an aha-moment since to truly optimize our business I had to be that annoying Sherlock Holmes-type and not just mind my own business.

So, I would truly suggest you to make such a map show it to your various stake holders and ask them what they think. Even if they don’t like it, I think it will bring you a step closer to becoming that black belt web analytics expert.



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